“If I had to market your business I would ….”


This is the starting point for putting your business under the Small Business Big Marketing Spotlight… one of my most popular services where I record an exclusive episode dedicated to improving the marketing of your business. No waffle, no gags (actually that’s not true), no “what’s on my mind”  segment, no guest … just me … Timbo … talking about your business and how I’d go about marketing it. Plus I include links and access to resources that I use to turbo-charge the marketing of my own successful businesses.

It works like this:

1. Send – You email me up to three pieces of your marketing collateral….things like a link to your website, brochure artwork, a newsletter, signage, an ad, direct mail piece … it’s up to you what you send.

2. Review – I then review them separately (it makes it more exciting!) and take copious notes about what I love and why…but more importantly, what I don’t love and what I’d do differently.

3. Record – I then head in to the studio and record an episode of The Small Business Big Marketing Show exclusively dedicated to your business. Every word I utter, idea I share, joke I attempt to make will be 100% laser-focused at improving the marketing of YOUR business. The episode will be full of key insights and actionable, easy to implement feedback. It’s a jargon-free zone.

4. Implement – I then email the episode back to you as an MP3 file for your listening pleasure together with a complete transcript.


Don’t take my word for it,
here’s what Kelly had to say…


“Hey  – I don’t have a camera on my computer, else I would send you a kick ass video testimonial. All I can say is thank you so much for the very healthy dose of tough love. You served up a year’s worth of marketing gold in 45 minutes and all it cost was $500. I’m totally embarrassed that’s all I paid!”
Kelly Exeter – Swish Design

P.S. Due to my extremely busy schedule, I’m only able to put a few businesses under the Spotlight each month. So get started with it now – the quicker you decide to do it, the quicker I’ll be back to you with some laser-focussed marketing insights, tips and tricks that will have you scratching your head and asking “Wow wee – why didn’t I do that a whole lot earlier!”

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What happens after you send the payment?
A. You’ll be immediately directed to a page that will allow you to upload your three chosen pieces of marketing collateral that you can then send directly to Timbo. Upon him receiving them, you’ll be sent an email confirming receipt and an estimated delivery time.

Q. Why’s it called Spotlight?
A. Really? It’s not obvious? Well, it’s simple….I metaphorically pick up the biggest, brightest, most intense spotlight I can find and shine it on your marketing efforts. It’s kind of like looking in the mirror under fluorescent light…every blemish can be seen in the cold hard light of day…and attended to swiftly!

Q. Who gets to hear it?
A. You…and anyone else you choose to share it with. I share it with no one.

Q. Who owns it?
A. You. I’m simply the creator, strategist and courier.

Q. So, you just give me constructive criticism about my marketing efforts, right?
A. That’s certainly the starting point, and a major part of the episode. But I will also share with you useful links and resources that I know you should be using. I’m constantly amazed at the plethora of marketing tools available to the small business owner…many of which are free….you just need to know where to look.

Q. How does Spotlight differ to your podcast?
A. Spotlight is 100% laser-focused on your business. It will sound as though you’re listening to an episode of the hugely popular Small Business Big Marketing Show….with the same intro and outro…but in between it’s 100% Timbo talking about your business and how to improve its marketing. Cool, huh?

Q. What happens once I hand over the folding stuff?
A. Once you PayPal me $497 you’ll be immediately redirected to a page that details exactly what to do next….it will include a list of things you could consider sending me, plus an email link to send them all through to.

Q. How long does it all take?
A. I’ll shine the spotlight on your business within 2-weeks of receiving payment and have the final show and transcript to you within three weeks. Usually much sooner.

Q. Should I do it?
A. Is water wet? Is the Pope a Catholic? Do bears … ? You know they do!
And of course you should. Your business will love you for it.

Q. How much was it again?
A. More than a cup of expensive coffee and much less than your favourite car. It’s just $497 Aussie dollars.

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