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#106 Funny Business 3 – Servile brands, selling, petty problems, testimonials & isolation.

It’s time for another solid chinwag with Andrew Griffiths in a segment that we lovingly call ‘Funny Business’ – an opportunity for Andrew and I to go head-to-head on various small business tips and issues that are on our collective minds … and have a laugh along the way. We talk servile brands, being a salesperson, testimonials, petty problems and isolation. May what we discuss help grow your business and inspire you to bigger and better things ;0)

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#102 – It’s time for Funny Business with Timbo & Andrew Griffiths.

In this episode Andrew Griffiths and I launch in to our second Funny Business segment in which we:

– Share a Modern Family moment we both had in an upmarket pet shop recently.
– Cogitate over a first world marketing problem Timbo had in a 5-star hotel.
– Discuss the importance of backing yourself.
– Pose the question Is it enough to meet your customers’ expectations?
– And share some of our biggest business mistakes.

PLUS I respond to a listener who, up until now, has felt intimidated by the idea of marketing his business. Listen in as I share some advice on how to squash the intimidation … and discover how my Online Marketing Communications Masterclass also helped him overcome it.

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#98 Crazy product demos, a publicity conundrum and some Bullshi* Bingo!

In this special episode (it’s spesh ’cause it’s the first of many), I hook up with Andrew Griffiths (Australia’s #1 small business author) to have a good old fashioned yarn about business and marketing issues, developments and current affairs that are on our collective mind. In this inaugural chat:

– Andrew suggests that someone has to be the most expensive, so why not make it you?
– Timbo is inspired by a bed store in New York that lets customers take a nap for free!
– Andrew identifies a new consumer trend called Newism (and Timbo questions it!).
– We both tackle a listener question about publicity from Sonya at Born Country Baby.
– Timbo talk about his experiences with Bullshit Bingo!

PLUS we seek your help to gives these episodes a name. So whack on your thinking cap and come on in …

how to write a book

#95 How To Write A Book With #1 Small Business Author, Andrew Griffiths.

It’s between you and your major competitor. You’re both submitting on a big tender that, if you win it, will set your business up for a good 12-months. You’re both comparable on price and service delivery, so there’s not much in it and the client is having a hard time deciding who to award the deal to. Then the client remembers the book you’d written (that you’d personally signed and given them instead of a business card) and BOOM you win!

A glorified business card is a great way to view having a book that helps market your business and win business.

Listen in as Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s #1 small business author explains why you should and how you can have a book to market your and grow your business.

#90 How To Create Killer Content With Small Business Author, Andrew Griffiths.

Andrew Griffiths is Australia’s #1 small business author, with 11 books published in over 50 countries. Yes, he’s prolific! His ability to create relevant, easy to understand and implement content laser-targeted at growing any small business is unmatched. He’s also an all round good guy.

My initial intention for interviewing Andrew was to discuss how a small business owner should and could go about writing a book as part of their overall marketing strategy. However, very early on in our chat, it became bleedingly obvious that quality time should be spent discussing the overall importance of creating useful, engaging content in all its forms – not just a book. So that’s what this interview is all about.

This is right up there with one of my favourite interviews. I hope you agree.