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How to stay productive in business during a crisis

256 – How to stay productive in business during a crisis

Knowing how to stay productive in business during a crisis can be tough. Join Griffo and I in this episode of ‘Funny Business’ (poorly named, I’d have to say!) where we talk about how to cope when business is anything but funny.

I also tackle a question from a listener about my social media links, I share an amazing result a marketing coaching client of mine has achieved by placing a greater focus his marketing, I give you an update on what’s happening with all things outsourcing and there’s an inspiring marketing quote from none other than Martin Luther King.

Ready? Me too. Let’s do this.

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245 – How generous businesses are winning more customers

Generous businesses win. Period. Now whilst greed may have been good way back in the heady 1980’s (geez I loved the 80s!), these days it’s businesses that give, that are generous, that are building a tribe of loyal, long time customers. And as a result, they’re booming.

So in today’s episode of Australia’s favourite marketing podcast, Andrew Griffiths and I get together for another instalment of Funny Business, in which we take a deep dive in to how generous businesses are rewriting the rules of marketing for this decade and beyond. Enjoy!

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209 – How to get more stuff done. AKA productivity tips for your business. Go!

“I love the marketing ideas you’ve shared, Timbo, but of the 250 people in this room, how many do you think will action them?”

I got asked this great question at the end of a keynote I gave recently. You’ll need to listen in to hear my answer, but what I can tell you (and you probably already know) is this… there is no shortage of marketing ideas in this world, but the magic is in the implementation of them.

And that’s where many (most?) business owners fall down. They hear a great idea, take a note of it, and then for whatever reason (there are many) they forget or don’t get around to taking action. They get sucked back in to the busy-ness of business.

Sound familiar? Cool. Well you’re not alone. So listen up!

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201- Get more done with less, freebies, how to avoid being unsuccessful … plus a bunch of marketing tips!

It’s time for another episode of Funny Business with Australia’s best selling marketing author, Andrew Griffiths aka Griffo, and me, Timbo Reid. This time round, we get really stuck into big marketing questions like how to create a virtual marketing team, and how to know when it’s the right time to start your business. PLUS, I introduce our brand new sponsor, 99designs, and an unmissable offer from them. Let’s get started!

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Funny Business #9: Pop Up Shops, Old School Marketing, and the State of Social Media

Timbo and AG are at it again! In this episode – the 9th instalment of Funny Business – marketing speaker Tim Reid and best-selling business author Andrew Griffiths discuss how old school marketing tactics still have a big place in small business, the current state of social media, and some great resources for growing your business.

Plus, how pop up shops are changing retail, a great (non-pushy) way to start the sales conversation with your customers, and loads more marketing goodness! Listen up …

#123 Funny Business 5 – Goofing off, doing business in cafes & how to overcome setbacks.

Yep, it’s that time of the month when all business becomes funny business. A chance for Tim Reid (Australia’s #1 small business podcaster) and Andrew Griffiths (Australia’s #1 small business author) to get together and throw around some issues that are on the collective mind of the small business community. In this month’s episode we discuss:

– Doing business in cafes.
– Whether it’s OK for us small business owners to goof off.
– Whether you can give away too much knowledge.
– How to overcome business setbacks.

PLUS I tackle a listener question from Gino, who reckons I talk about people too much, at the expense of marketing ;0)

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#111 Funny Business 4 – Business planning, thanking clients, public speaking and some of our favourite things!

What do you get when Australia’s #1 small business author and Australia’s #1 small business marketing podcaster get together? Funny business, that’s what! It’s a time for Timbo and AG to share what’s on our minds in the hope it drives your business forward and gives you a chuckle along the way. In this episode we share our top public speaking tips, discuss how we plan for business, creative ways to thank clients, the 3 things we couldn’t do without and what we’re too scared to try! Listen up …