B2B slaes expert Mladen Jovanovic

B2B Sales Tips For Small Business With BindiMaps Mladen Jovanovic | 649

Here’s some B2B sales tips for small business. Afterall, B2B selling can be tricky. Even trickier if you’re selling a complex product or service to an infrequent buyer.  Today’s guest is confronted with both these challenges on a daily basis. Poor him, but lucky us as he’s about to share how he does it. It’s a businessy episode 649 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

chris kelsey

332 – 19 year old high school dropout, Chris Kelsey, has a refreshing take on how to grow a multi-million dollar business

Chris Kelsey, a 19-year old, high school dropout, who’s now a San Francisco based app developer, employing 68 people and making gazillions! Yep. It’s one of those cliched stories. But I gotta tell you, he has a very liberating view on how to grow a business. Plus I tackle a listener question about referencing death in marketing. Big show!

christian mischler - Hotel Quickly

240 – Hotel Quickly is a disruptive app that’s challenging a market that has become way too complacent

I don’t know about you, but I download a lot of apps. I get excited at the time, but then forget to use them. Today’s guest, Christian Mischler of Hotel Quickly has created a very disruptive app in an industry that is ripe for some good old-fashioned disruption.

Hotel Quickly assists you in getting a last minute hotel booking – in fact, you can only get a room on it for the coming 48-hours. Now that’s disruptive!