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Guy Grossi interview

Guy Grossi on creating a memorable customer experience | #550

Celebrity chef and Australia’s most celebrated restaurant owner Guy Grossi talks customer experience, we hear from a listener who contacted the Hotline plus I’ve got some big news for all you Pink Floyd fans amongst us! Got a marketing idea you’d like to share with business owners globally? Maybe you want to give Timbo some feedback … leave a message on the Hotline on +61480015150

how to market a bar on Twitter

277 – How To Market A Bar On Twitter With Honey Bar’s Steve Vallas

Hey, I’ve found a business that’s using Twitter effectively. It’s a bar. In fact the owner says “It’s a foundational part of his marketing!” Crazy, huh? And the thing is, he’s not doing anything that special!

Steve Vallas is an ex-lawyer and cab driver who a few years ago decided that world needed another bar. So he left the law and went and started Honey Bar … a very cool, inner-city bar in South Melbourne. And he thanks Twitter for its success.

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#124 Commonfolk Coffee Company – A cool cafe in a not so cool part of town.

Sam Keck has just started the Commonfolk Coffee Company – a very cool cafe where he roasts and serves his own coffee, served expresso or drip filter style. The decor is industrial sheik, the staff are as well – the menu is limited but yum, and there’s no shortage of cool customers coming in and out on a regular basis. Now that all sounds pretty normal – and I guess you’re thinking, which cool inner-city suburb is it located? It’s not! Commonfolk Coffee Company sits plumb in the middle of the Mornington industrial estate – alongside panel beaters, car yards and welding shops!

And therein lies its massive point-of-difference. Listen in to hear how Sam’s created a very cool new cafe brand.

PLUS a guest from a recent episode has just had a big win thanks to being on the show. Gotta love that!

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#104 Success secrets from ‘The Best Sandwich in America’ creator.

Business is absolutely booming for a small, family-run sandwich stand that was established in 1954 in downtown Philadelphia. It’s roast pork, provolone and broccoli rabe sanga was recently awarded The Best Sandwich In America by the Travel Channel’s Man vs Food show. In this episode, I have a fireside chat with fourth generation owner Tommy Nicolic who runs Tommy DiNics with his son Joey (make that five generations!).

This was such a great interview on so many levels – Tommy is a guy who’s been running his business the same way for decades. His marketing mantra is quality, quality, quality. He does very little promotion. Has limited distribution. And only raises his prices every 18-months or so, whilst expenses go up anyway. Tommy is a business owner passionate about delivering a quality product every time – and as a result everything else takes care of itself. He may not make millions doing it, but he has the loyalist of customer bases, loves what he does, is full of pride … and recently sold a sandwich to The Fonz. It doesn’t get any better than that!