miss chu - brand building

186 – Stand out by building a strong brand, with tuck shop owner Miss Chu.

Every business has a story, but how often does a business idea emerge from escaping a dictatorship and surviving a refugee camp? That’s exactly what happened when Nahji Chu launched her Vietnamese tuck shops back in 2008. But this week’s podcast is no pity party. In fact, my chat with Nahji perfectly showcases how she injected her fun spirit and passion for Vietnamese culture into misschu, creating a fast food business that breaks the mould. Listen up …

how to overcome fear

How to overcome fear and create the business of your dreams, with cameleer Russell Osborne

What can you learn about business from a camel wrangler? Quite a lot, as it turns out! This episode is all about “big picture” business strategy, as I chat with English lecturer turned outback entrepreneur and cameleer, Russell Osborne. After a personal tragedy shook Russell’s life to its core, he set out to achieve a massive goal that dominated his career as well as his personal life. How did he do it? What did he learn? Tune in to today’s episode, as Russell takes us on a journey across outback Australia that delves into overcoming depression, designing your ideal life, facing fear head-on and visualising your goals to make them a reality.

Lloyd Perry, Big Richard Condoms

#83 Big Richard Condom’s Lloyd Perry Talks Marketing.

Well, I could summarise this interview as being all about how to market condoms. HOWEVER, it’s so much more than that. In fact, Lloyd Perry from Big Richard Condoms actually set out to create a clothing brand, but, thanks to a Venture Capitalist with a sense of humour (what?!) he ended up starting and running a condom business. So, in this revealing interview (BTW, it’s not one for the kids’ ears) we go under the covers (pun intended) and get some fantastic insights in to very smart marketing strategies around ….