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229 – Jeff Bullas demystifies social media marketing for small business. And boy, do we cover some ground!

Jeff Bullas may well be Australia’s leading expert on how businesses can embrace social media marketing. No longer do you, the motivated small business owner, need to view the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN as evil, bright shiny objects that distract us from getting on with business. Social media marketing can be effective. Can generate leads. Can help you build a tribe. In my fireside chat with Jeff, you’ll discover exactly how this impossibility is actually possible.

Plus I share an exciting idea from long time listener and Forum Member, Ben Mutoli of Geelong Cable Locations. It’s a ripper and is aimed at helping you grow your business. Thanks Ben!

Ready? Let’s do this …

You Are Who Google Says You Are!

Sad perhaps, but true. And let’s face it, it’s page 1 of Google that really counts. That’s why using the SEO power of LinkedIn for business development is a tool that only a madman would not consider using.

LinkedIn for business. linkedin marketing

#74 LinkedIn’s MD On How To Use LinkedIn For Business.

Cliff Rosenberg, Managing Director of LinkedIn Australasia, has a chat to us about his top LinkedIn business tips for marketing your small business and how to optimise your LinkedIn profile. If you’re like us, you receive emails each week from someone somewhere requesting to get connected via LinkedIn. Listen to what Cliff has to say and you’ll know whether to accept them and what to do with them. It’s all about how to use LinkedIn to build your business.

PLUS we tackle a great listener question about how best to promote a struggling business.

#68 The ‘cover some serious marketing ground’ episode.

We cover more ground in this episode than Michael Schumacher on race day! The winner of our recent Mornington Peninsula Brewery content is announced; we’re the proud runners up of the recent international Podcast Awards; we discuss the very giving concept of brand’em acts of kindness; we muse over the importance of LinkedIn and how to make your profile more marketable; we launch our newest training product called SITE BOOST that shows you how to get the most out of your website.