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Retention marketing expert Adam Robinson

How to use email marketing to grow your business with Retention’s Adam Robinson | #616

Keen to use email marketing to grow your business? Cool. On your website, offer visitors something of high perceived value to them, but at a low cost to you. In exchange for their email address, they get it for free. It might be an eBook. A video full of helpful tips. A one-off discount coupon. Over time you build an email list of prospects, that you then communicate with on a regular basis. The result? More loyal customers. More sales. And the lifetime value of those customers increases exponentially. Sounds good, huh? It’s a retentive episode 616 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast with Tim Reid.

Six examples of a ‘Product For Prospects’.

At a workshop I attended recently, a lead capture strategy called ‘Product For Prospects’ was revealed. It’s an elegantly simple way of convincing a prospect to exchange their contact details or a small amount of money for something of high-perceived value from your business (at low cost to you).

How to Build a Highly Targeted B2B Direct Mail List

Regular SBBM Podcast listeners will know that I maintain a boating showcase website as part of a portfolio of sites. The site mainly generates revenue through advertising and lead generation for businesses in the marine industry. One of my biggest challenges is attracting advertisers. The online marketing campaigns I’ve tried just haven’t been cutting through, so recently …

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