Animated Explainer Videos

When you’ve got to get across your message in the shortest possible time to a busy prospect then nothing beats an animated explainer video.

If you’ve got a complicated product or service then these videos are essential.

Tight scripting, high contrast imaging and attention grabbing (and holding) visuals are what you are looking for here…
And exactly what you’ll get with this Small Business Big Marketing tribe special deal.

small business big marketing forum

Small Business Big Marketing Forum

Stuck in the old world of marketing as the new world goes flying by?

Got loads of marketing questions?

Think your business could perform better if you had some guidance around marketing best practices?

Like the idea of being inspired by other motivated small business owners?

small business marketing success

Cha-Ching! The sweet, sweet sound of small business marketing success.

I wrote this book about five years ago. It contains 49 marketing ideas, supported by examples, to help you create more awareness around your business, attract more customers and close more deals. What I love is the fact that it was written during my push in to marketing a business online, so it contains a lot of old-school marketing ideas as well as new ones. Something we don’t see a lot of these days!


Spotlight – An Exclusive Podcast Episode Just For Your Business

If we had to market your business we would …. This is the starting point for Spotlight… one of our most popular offers where we record an exclusive episode (podcast style) dedicated to improving the marketing of your business. No waffle, no gags (actually that’s not true), no “what’s on our mind”  segment, no guest… …

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how to make marketing videos

Create simple, effective marketing videos using your iPhone that make your business go BOOM!

Creating great content that positions you as an expert is a no-brainer marketing strategy. And the King of content is video.Thanks to the iPhone, creating engaging marketing videos is a cinch. Check out this fantastic iPhone Video training created by one of my past guests – a former BBC / MTV TV Director. He not only knows how to create great video – his training is full of time and money saving secrets that will have you looking like a pro in no time.