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Jon Yeo TEDx

213 – A TEDx curator takes us behind-the-scenes of this worldwide phenomenon

For every business owner, upping engagement levels with consumers should be an absolute priority. If this is something that you need a bit of guidance with, this week’s guest, Jon Yeo, has some golden words for you. Jon is the curator of TEDxMelbourne, Melbourne’s local offshoot of, and his events received 2 million social media mentions in the past year. Join us as Jon takes us behind-the-scenes of this amazing global brand.

public speaking

#119 How to overcome your fear of public speaking.

Cam Barber invented The Vivid Method to help people like you and I overcome the fear of public speaking. And thank God! I mean who doesn’t (you know what) themselves when they have the opportunity to get up on a stage or present to an audience of more than one?!

But here’s the thing – public speaking is a marketing strategy many more small business owners should embrace. It provides leverage, it positions you as an opinion leader and it forces you to get your message right. All mighty good outcomes when you’re wanting to build both your personal and business brand.

So take a listen as Cam explains how to lose the public speaking anxiety.

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#111 Funny Business 4 – Business planning, thanking clients, public speaking and some of our favourite things!

What do you get when Australia’s #1 small business author and Australia’s #1 small business marketing podcaster get together? Funny business, that’s what! It’s a time for Timbo and AG to share what’s on our minds in the hope it drives your business forward and gives you a chuckle along the way. In this episode we share our top public speaking tips, discuss how we plan for business, creative ways to thank clients, the 3 things we couldn’t do without and what we’re too scared to try! Listen up …