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Nat Thomas of the now with nat on Small Business Big Marketing

Is running a location independent business for you? | #448

Digital nomads Nat Thomas and Niv Nobacht run serious businesses from wherever they are in the world | Steve Sims reveals another way to wow your precious clients | We hear about a couple of exciting upcoming guests

Janet DeNeefe on Small Business Big Marketing

Janet DeNeefe’s Midas touch has enabled her to grow a business empire she loves on the beautiful island of Bali | #447

Some business owners seem to have the Midas Touch. Janet DeNeefe is one of them. Living in Bali, her empire includes beautiful cafes and restaurants, a homewares store, a cooking school, a luxurious hotel, an experiential tours business and the list goes on. Listen in as she reveals how she’s built her Balinese empire.

Imagine selling a property for $994 million … Real estate agent Bernard Uechtritz did – Here’s his sales tips | #446 [Revisited]

We find out how Bernard Uechtritz sold a property for $994 million | This week’s jingle of the week congratulates Aussie mums | And you get another sneak peek into a new segment called WOW!

Male stripper Sam Priestley & wife Hannah are working hard (and smart) to corner the Australian Hen’s Party market | #445

We go behind-the-scenes of a burgeoning male strippers agency | Partnerships are the winning marketing strategy for this week’s Monster Prize Draw winner | I drop a couple of hints about an exciting new segment launching in February

6 Types of Logos that Small Businesses Should Consider

Whether you’re launching or building a small business, your logo design will be an important part of your brand, your website, and your marketing collateral. To help you navigate getting