patrick llewellyn 99designs

214 – Come behind-the-scenes of 99Designs – the world’s largest design competition marketplace, with their driven CEO Patrick Llewellyn.

Join me behind-the-scenes of the original design competition company 99Designs with Australian CEO, Patrick Llewellyn. As of October 2014, 99designs has hosted more than 340,000 graphic design contests and paid out more than $85 million to its community of 905,000 designers around the world … and it all started in a little office in the inner-Melbourne working-class suburb of Collingwood.

You’ll be amazed at where the idea came from. It’s inspirational stuff.

saasu - online accounting software

204 – How and why to make your brand beautiful, with creator of online accounting software, Saasu.

This week’s episode delivers hard proof that absolutely every business niche can deliver their product or service with passion. Marc Lehmann, a former investment banker, identified that the accountancy software in the marketplace was not designed with small business owners in mind. And so he went back to basics and created a list of the things that small business owners would really want from accounting software – leaving all the accountancy jargon at the door. Now, that same online accountancy software, Saasu, has attracted around 100,000 users.

how to find a graphic designer

5 traits I demand from my graphic designer

I love beautifully designed marketing materials.

Whether it be a logo, brochure, stationary, car wrap, uniform, website or banner.

Great design makes the business owner proud, and rewards the recipient.

To get to that place though, you need a great designer. And that can be a challenge.

I’ve had the same designer for 7-years – Nikola’s amazing.

I’ll tell you where I found him shortly, but first, here’s 5 traits I demand of him on each and every job.