Paddi Lund - how to work less and make more money

183 – How to work less and make more money with dentist Paddi Lund. This is the ‘Happy Business’ episode.

What if locking your door, taking down your business sign, and saying “goodbye” to half of your customers could radically change your business for the better? My guest today, dentist Paddi Lund, did just that. He shares how he used exclusivity, lateral thinking, and the power of what some call “repulsion marketing” to design a lifestyle where he was making more money than most of his colleagues while only working two days per week.

Troy Westley Care Monkey - how to market a start-up

182 – How to Market a Start-Up with Ex-Google Manager, Troy Westley

Ever wondered what someone does when they leave Google? And why would you leave Google in the first place?! Troy Westley answers both those questions and a whole lot more in this episode of the Small Business Big Marketing show. Troy’s the founder of CareMonkey, an award-winning app that helps schools and other organisations keep track of health and emergency information.

how to overcome fear

How to overcome fear and create the business of your dreams, with cameleer Russell Osborne

What can you learn about business from a camel wrangler? Quite a lot, as it turns out! This episode is all about “big picture” business strategy, as I chat with English lecturer turned outback entrepreneur and cameleer, Russell Osborne. After a personal tragedy shook Russell’s life to its core, he set out to achieve a massive goal that dominated his career as well as his personal life. How did he do it? What did he learn? Tune in to today’s episode, as Russell takes us on a journey across outback Australia that delves into overcoming depression, designing your ideal life, facing fear head-on and visualising your goals to make them a reality.

Tania De Jong

#85 Talking business building & creativity with Tania de Jong AM.

Tania De Jong AM is one of Australia’s leading Sopranos – no, not the gangster type – and also manages to run a variety of very cool businesses including an innovations workshop business, a talent agency and a charity that helps disadvantaged people find their voice.

In this fireside chat, Tania reveals how she manages so many businesses, where the ideas come from, what drives her to succeed plus her opinion on why so many businesses find it hard to be creative.

PLUS she has a very big surprise for us at the end. (Dare you not to fast forward!).

#75 How To Be Innovative In Your Business.

Phil McKinney is an innovation expert based in Silicon Valley. Recently retired as the VP and Chief Technology Officer at Hewlett Packard, Phil hosts the Killer Innovations podcast and has just released the book ‘Beyond The Obvious’. In this mind-opening interview Phil explains clearly and simply how any small business can introduce and benefit from an innovations culture. Listen in and you’ll discover a step-by-step process for becoming innovative, why brainstorms don’t work and so much more. This is gold!