business sea change

329 – A brave sea change that lead to growing a dream business, with Paul Medeiros of The Source Bulk Foods

Paul Medeiros made a brave sea change by leaving corporate and buying the Mullumbimby Fruit Shop.

Then, when Woolworth’s decided to come to town, he could have panicked and accepted the fact that Australia’s biggest supermarket chain would kill off his business.

Instead, he rolled the dice, and more than doubled their retail footprint.

He’s now the founder of one of Australia’s hottest up and coming franchises – The Source Bulk Foods.

This is a story of courage, determination and being true to one’s values.

Karl Schwantes - how to market a retail jewellery store

251 – How to cleverly market a retail jewellery store with Xennox Diamonds Karl Schwantes

When asked “So what do you do?”, today’s guest responds “I make the ladies happy!”

Karl Schwantes is the founder of Brisbane jewellery store Xennox Diamonds, and author of the book Rock Her World, a tome every bloke should buy and adhere to – if he wants to make his lady happy, of course ;0) Karl’s also the winner of last year’s KPI Pitchfest, a competition in which business owners compete to deliver the most compelling pitch for their business. No mean feat.

Plus I have our regular check-in, share an inspiring marketing quote about the importance of having a red hot go and share a wonderful success a listener has had as a result of tuning in to this show and taking massive action.

Let’s do this!

How to build a personal brand

249 – The Happy Family Lawyer is challenging the conventions of the stuffy legal fraternity and crushing it. A Masterclass in how to build a personal brand.

Building a strong personal brand has had far-reaching benefits for Clarissa Rayward, AKA The Happy Family Lawyer. Whilst she’s the first to admit that her approach to marketing is highly unconventional, it’s also enabled her to build a highly engaged community, find her voice and build a strong legal practice many lawyers only ever dream of.

Plus, there’s my usual check-in on what’s been happening this week, and I’m proud to announce a brand spanking new sponsor in Key Person Of Influence – which means for you two things – 1. I’ll be putting out a second episode each week and 2. They’ve kindly offered each and every listener a hard copy of their Amazon best-selling book.

Yep, big show as usual. Let’s get stuck right in!

tracy angwin

How to dominate your industry in 5-Steps without spending a fortune, with Tracy Angwin.

Wondering how to elevate yourself above the masses in your industry and stand out as THE go-to person for big brands, the media, and (of course) hordes of keen customers? Well, this week’s guest, Tracy Angwin, has done just that. And in one of the most boring (as she admits) industries going around – Payroll! (I’m falling asleep just typing that word…).

PLUS I answer a listener question about podcasting and where to post their episodes AND share an exciting Forum development that just made Membership that much more valuable. Listen in now …