Monster Prize Draw

Andy & Angela Smith Dr Drip

Turn your struggling business in to one you love | #510

Husband and wife team Andy & Angela Smith, and owners of the cleverly named plumbing business Dr. Drip, share their roller coaster journey of how they built a successful business only for it to crumble | This week’s Monster Prize Draw winner is very cleverly using scarcity to grow their business | Timbo let’s you in on next week’s guests who, at their peak owned 10 businesses, but has now got that down to one that they absolutely love.

Jason Clarke Perform 360

A never-say-die attitude turned a $400K loss into a booming new business with Perform-360’s Jason Clark | #506

We meet personal trainer now 7-figure business owner Jason Clarke who’s roller coaster journey proves that we should follow our passions | This week’s MPD says he’s never sought to escape the cubicle, but I’ve inspired him to start his own business. I’m confused! | And I let you in on next week’s guest who’s great, great, great Grandfather was the legendary department store founder David Jones.

Sebastian Terry 100 Things

How a friend’s death inspired a global movement (& business) with 100 Things’ Sebastian Terry | #505

We meet an incredible fellow who accidentally created a business that’s meant he’s never had to work a day in his life! | This week’s MPD winner says he’s got a great face for radio and the vocab of a grade-schooler, yet has embraced video marketing for some amazing results! | And I let you in on next week’s guest who lost $400K in his first business venture, which he puts down to a very expensive MBA!

Cham Tang Authentic Education

6 proven small business marketing strategies that helped generate $25M revenue with Authentic Education’s Cham Tang | #504

Cham Tang of Authentic Education is back to share 6 new marketing ideas that are working for him right now | This week’s MPD winner has implemented a client-retention idea that has led to a solid increase in revenues | I let you in on next week’s guest who I’m rather excited to share with you!