outsourcing to The Philippines tips

255 – Killer Tips For Outsourcing To The Philippines

Tired business owner? Then grab a cuppa and listen in for the next 30-minutes. David Warne is on a mission to show over-worked business owners how to take back control of their life, whilst be ing more productive and profitable. Join us for part 2 of this two-part interview in which we bust the limiting beliefs many business owners have around outsourcing to The Philippines; provide you with some killer tips to ensure your outsourcing journey is a profitable one and talk about David’s Rocking The Boat business tours.

tim reid - marketing tips

201- Get more done with less, freebies, how to avoid being unsuccessful … plus a bunch of marketing tips!

It’s time for another episode of Funny Business with Australia’s best selling marketing author, Andrew Griffiths aka Griffo, and me, Timbo Reid. This time round, we get really stuck into big marketing questions like how to create a virtual marketing team, and how to know when it’s the right time to start your business. PLUS, I introduce our brand new sponsor, 99designs, and an unmissable offer from them. Let’s get started!

mike o'hagan - how to outsource

196 – How to save 90% on labour costs using outsourcing (AKA off-shoring) with Mini Mover’s Mike O’Hanagan.

A self confessed “entrepreneur with ADD”, Mike O’Hagan has mastered the art of locating business opportunities and then giving consumers exactly what they want. With his own moving business, Mini Movers, business tours in Manila, and a handful of other startups (including a business that sells deep sea diving equipment!), Mike spends his time lazing on a beach in the Philippines while he outsources a lot of the work elsewhere. This week, we talk outsourcing, sales ability, and the power of data mining. Let’s do this.

how to use a virtual assistant

How & why to use a virtual assistant.

Tired, stressed, overwhelmed? Have you considered getting some help? This week I chat with Chris Ducker, from Virtual Staff Finder, about how you can lighten your load using Virtual Assistant services. Plus I answer a listener question that is right on topic, and a dedicated listener offers up some advice on the best microphones to use on the road.

How to turn a passion into a business.

Bali-based Sam Stevenson of Pared Handmade Eyewear talks about how she turned her passion into a successful business. In just one year Sam’s unique product and drive has thrown her into a flooded market where she has been able to create a quality, designer brand of sunglasses that she hopes celebrities and fashion icons will be wearing all over the world.

PLUS I announce details of my upcoming Content marketing webinar, I answer a listener question around the importance of marketing strategy and help another listener shake the corporate shackles. Enjoy!