Tristen Smith referral marketing

Turn one customer into seven higher paying ones using this proven referral marketing technique | #624

Referral marketing expert Tristen Smith was just like any other business owner, struggling to find the right strategy to bring in new customers. Then, he discovered the power of referral marketing and this everything changed. He quickly became a referral marketing Ninja closing more deals than anyone else on his team. He now helps business owners turn one customer into seven with his innovative techniques. Join us as I sit down with Tristen and discover how his journey from average marketer (with super high anxiety) to referral marketing expert can inspire and transform your business too.

marketing podcast - get booked solid

202 – How to get booked solid in three months.

This week, psychologist Lindsay Spencer-Matthews shares how he managed to influence decision makers and get past the Doberman to book out his practice, his strategies for maximising the use of his time, and how he has reduced his patient no-shows from 3.5 per day to 1.8 per week. AND we manage to fit in more than a couple of Dad jokes along the way. Let’s get started with Episode 202 of Australia’s #1 marketing show!

mike o'hagan - how to outsource

196 – How to save 90% on labour costs using outsourcing (AKA off-shoring) with Mini Mover’s Mike O’Hanagan.

A self confessed “entrepreneur with ADD”, Mike O’Hagan has mastered the art of locating business opportunities and then giving consumers exactly what they want. With his own moving business, Mini Movers, business tours in Manila, and a handful of other startups (including a business that sells deep sea diving equipment!), Mike spends his time lazing on a beach in the Philippines while he outsources a lot of the work elsewhere. This week, we talk outsourcing, sales ability, and the power of data mining. Let’s do this.

Leigh Storr Bio Solar - door to door sales

188 – This multi-million dollar business relies 100% on door to door sales, with BioSolar’s Leigh Storr.

At the age of 31, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Leigh Storr, the founder of a solar panel installation company, BioSolar, is just starting out in the world of entrepreneurship and small business. In fact, this week’s interviewee has been identifying lucrative business opportunities from the age of just 14.

His latest venture, BioSolar, has one important difference – it uses 100% door-to-door sales and marketing. Leigh really demonstrates that your business doesn’t have to fit the typical mould and with a little outside-the-box thinking, you can create a small business that makes a big impact. Let’s get into it!


#66 Imagine being two years ahead of your sales targets!

Matt Bebe started the Mornington Peninsula Brewery 12-months ago and is already two years ahead of his sales targets. What a nice place to be! But when you see what Matt and his business partners have created, it’s not a huge surprise. More than a brewery and some craft beer brands, they’ve created a real experience – …

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