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209 – How to get more stuff done. AKA productivity tips for your business. Go!

“I love the marketing ideas you’ve shared, Timbo, but of the 250 people in this room, how many do you think will action them?”

I got asked this great question at the end of a keynote I gave recently. You’ll need to listen in to hear my answer, but what I can tell you (and you probably already know) is this… there is no shortage of marketing ideas in this world, but the magic is in the implementation of them.

And that’s where many (most?) business owners fall down. They hear a great idea, take a note of it, and then for whatever reason (there are many) they forget or don’t get around to taking action. They get sucked back in to the busy-ness of business.

Sound familiar? Cool. Well you’re not alone. So listen up!

How to market an online store

Stop waiting for your website to be perfect and get on with it!

This is the story of how Vintage Tub and Bath, a $25 million dollar a year online and offline business started from under two brother’s parent’s deck! That was 15 years ago … and now it’s cleaning up (excuse the bath jokes, they’re unavoidable!) and is ranked in the top 500 online businesses in America.

The really interesting part of this story is this online store hasn’t had a decent make-over in well over seven years – yet it’s still raking in twenty five big ones a year in revenue. Now that’s exciting – as I far too often hear small business owners hide behind the excuse of “I’m just waiting for my website to be updated before I get on with the rest of my marketing.”

PLUS I share some marketing insights from my recent family holiday in Sydney, and cover off some marketing topics currently being discussed in the Small Business Big Marketing Forum (which you really should be a Member of at only $49 / month!

Listen up …

Stop waiting for your website to be perfect and get on with it! - email marketing tips

#131 Email marketing tips for small business. This is hot, hot, hot!

Email marketing tips and tricks. Who doesn’t want some of that!? Clearly there’s a whole lot of listeners out there who do, as when I posted on the show’s Facebook the fact that I was interviewing an email marketing expert the amount of questions you had for him exceeded thirty!

The reality is that so many small business owners use email marketing as part of their marketing strategy, however, so many (the majority?) just aren’t getting the return from their investment that they’d like. How many times have you sent out an email to your customers only to be bitterly disappointed with the results? You and me, both!

Well, that’s all about to change as Shayne Tilley, email marketer extraordinaire, takes us behind the scenes of what makes for an effective and responsive email marketing campaign. Enjoy!

Marketing for Tradies

#58 Marketing for Tradies. Copping it on Twitter. Where to start with marketing online.

This is this episode of Australia’s most loved small business marketing podcast in which Timbo’s in a neck brace and Lukeee gets a laugh out of his predicament. Sad but true! Much more importantly, we get serious with answering some listener questions: 1. How can a tradie grow his market share through some smart local area marketing …

#58 Marketing for Tradies. Copping it on Twitter. Where to start with marketing online. Read More »