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darren finkelstein

222 – How to thrive when those around you aren’t with Darren Finkelstein AKA The Boat Guy

This guy’s a fantastic small business marketer. So fantastic I had to invite him back for a third fireside chat!

Darren Finkelstein (now AKA The Boat Guy) co-owns St.Kilda Boat Sales – a small boating business in Melbourne, Australia that’s punching way above its marketing weight. To the point that the business has doubled in the past 3-years and the brand is stronger than ever.

Listen in and discover how consistently publishing helpful marketing content to YouTube, how writing a book, how speaking from stage, how developing a media profile can all lead to massive business success.

Plus I answer a question from a listener about how to leverage awards, and I share some feedback from a State Trooper turned small business owner in Connecticut!

Let’s do this!

michelle bridges

215 – Michelle Bridges talks personal branding, business success and why we should all JFDI!

Michelle Bridges is Australia’s most influential personal trainer and a brand unto herself.

She’s the straight-talking coach on The Biggest Loser, the author of 12 best selling health & wellness books, she has her own clothing & equipment range called OneActive, and she’s the creator of the hugely 12WBT – an online program that has stripped close to 1,300,000 kilograms of its participants.

Join me as Michelle talks about how she didn’t set out to build an empire, her secret to building her personal brand and all the verticals that now make it up, plus so many more business and marketing nuggets that have lead to her success. This is motivating stuff!
Plus a listener shares some great insights he’s leaned from listening to this show, and how he’s now applying them in his business to great effect.

Let’s go!

warwick capper

194 – AFL legend Warwick Capper talks business. No, seriously!

Warwick Capper was a legend of the Aussie footie field in the 1980’s. And although Warwick is a massive character who might seem too wacky to have any kind of business head, you certainly can’t be stupid to keep your name on people’s lips for four decades. And I reckon that Warwick could actually teach us all a thing or two about having the confidence to push through and win in business, to seize opportunities as they come along, and to take action every day. Let’s get into Episode 194 with the man, the legend, Warwick Capper.

Karen Jacobsen on Small Business Big Marketing - Personal Branding

191 – Voice of Apple’s Siri, Karen Jacobsen, talks personal branding and how to overcome fear in business.

If somebody is the living embodiment of “Feel the fear and do it anyway” it’s Karen Jacobsen. The voice of the world’s most famous text-to-speech recognition program, Apple’s Siri and in-car navigation device TomTom, as well as the founder of her own personal development brand at The GPS Girl, you would never believe that Karen has had to overcome personal anxiety issues and significant debt to get to where she is today.

Karen has certainly reached her destination and she shares exactly how in this episode.

PLUS, I reveal more details about the LIVE 200th episode. Let’s get started, shall we?

business growth

185 – Proof that changing who you are can positively impact business growth.

Cactus Skincare’s Ryan Clark wasn’t tight with the in crowd at school. But things changed once he decided to assist his mum relaunch her fledgling skincare brand. He sought training in body language, speech therapy and socialite (yep socialite) psychology; started to attend all the right events and managed to seed some of the most beautiful women in Australia. That last bit sounds wrong, but it’s exactly what he did! Listen up …