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Bill Edgar The Coffin Confessor

Bill Edgar AKA The Coffin Confessor gives the dead their final say | #600

Imagine you’re dying with a secret. Something you’ve never had the courage to tell your friends or family.  Or a last wish – a task you need carried out before you can rest in peace.  Now imagine there’s someone who can take care of all that, who has little respect for the living, but will …

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282 – Boobs. Yeah, Big Boobs. They’re Why This Business Exists.

“Our business is big boobs!” That’s the opening line from the interview pitch I received from today’s guest. Maxine Windram of Brava Woman. And yes, she got my attention. And yes, the interview contains Dad jokes. But it also is busting with marketing G O L D! See what I did there ;0)

When Maxine and her mum (both full-busted women) launched Brava, a lingerie store for women D cup & up 9 years ago, they had never had a business, never worked in retail or even fitted a bra, but they knew fuller busted women needed a better deal. Today, they have three retail outlets in prominent shopping areas across Melbourne plus a bustling online store.

Yep, this episode of Australia’s best marketing podcast is busting at the seams – so let’s get stuck … right in!

How to build a personal brand

249 – The Happy Family Lawyer is challenging the conventions of the stuffy legal fraternity and crushing it. A Masterclass in how to build a personal brand.

Building a strong personal brand has had far-reaching benefits for Clarissa Rayward, AKA The Happy Family Lawyer. Whilst she’s the first to admit that her approach to marketing is highly unconventional, it’s also enabled her to build a highly engaged community, find her voice and build a strong legal practice many lawyers only ever dream of.

Plus, there’s my usual check-in on what’s been happening this week, and I’m proud to announce a brand spanking new sponsor in Key Person Of Influence – which means for you two things – 1. I’ll be putting out a second episode each week and 2. They’ve kindly offered each and every listener a hard copy of their Amazon best-selling book.

Yep, big show as usual. Let’s get stuck right in!