Small Business Marketing Podcast with Steven Baile from Expedtion Austrlaia

317 – Should You Sell Your Business and Follow Your Passion?

Have you ever thought to yourself… “Should I sell my business?” Do you have a dream and a bag full of excuses not to chase it? Mortgage, bills to pay? Well this week’s guest had a dream and the reality of a bricks and mortar business and he and his family decided to chase the dream anyway. Since then they’ve created a business they love and are living the dream.

building an online business

299 – How To Build An Online Business Using Niche Blogging & Podcasting with Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy

This engineer quit his high paying job as an aerospace engineer at Boeing, to become a very successful Uber driver, and an even more successful blogger and podcaster.

Harry Campbell (The Rideshare Guy) talks us through not only his transition from climbing the corporate ladder at Boeing, to taking the leap into his own rideshare business, but also making some serious money through his blog and podcast.

Yep, another big epsidoe of your favourite marketing podcast.

Tips for recording audio in the home-office

How to Improve Sound Quality when Recording Audio in Your Home Office

Creating awesome content for your audience is one of the best ways to build your client or customer list. Some people blog, some podcast and some create video. Now, most of us aren’t Walkly award winning journos nor have professional studios for recording video and audio, but we do want to create the best result …

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why podcast

Why podcast? Why the hell not!?

I was just tagged in a Facebook post (see below) by an old mate in Kylie Bartlett (thanks KB ;), and was about to leave a comment when I thought, hell, those bad boy questions are much more deserved of a blog post. Here’s what was posted on Facebook:

“Podcasts are curious items. Free ones in particular. How do they make people money? do they care about money? Why do people do them? Why do people purposely download what equates to talk radio? Savvy friends this one is for you.”

Read on for my passionate response ;0)