How to price a product.

One of the greatest joys of business is pricing your products or services.

To think you actually get to set what the dollar value is for what you do and what it is worth. People can find this process hard because they don’t have a system in place to help them or that it’s done so rarely that they end up reinventing the wheel every time.

Here’s my technique to establish the final price of a product.

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Why Customer Service Is The New Marketing.

The value of providing world-class customer service in your business is now beyond doubt.

In years past companies would often stick their heads in the sand and hope that a dissatisfied customer would simply disappear…believing that their single voice wasn’t large enough to impact the business as a whole.

That approach never made sense. Read on …

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3 things hold small business owners back from great marketing.

It seems most small business owners think that to create highly effective marketing, they need lots of time, money and knowledge.

Well, having lots of those three resources would be nice; but not having them is by no means a deal breaker.

At all!

You see, the marketing world has changed significantly in the past 12-months.

There’s never been a better time to market a small business.

We’re in the hot seat, team!

Let’s knock each of those limiting beliefs on the head.

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Everything you wanted to know about domain names (Part 1 of 3).

Us small business owners have a lot of questions around domain names. Plus there’s loads of misinformation out there.

So, I thought I’d put stop to that once and for all – so what I did was put a note out via the Small Business Big Marketing’s Facebook and LinkedIn, to find out what the main questions were. The response was fantastic.

I then tapped the font of all domain name knowledge on the shoulder – my show’s sponsor in Netregistry – to shed some light on this important aspect of your online marketing.

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More email marketing tips and tricks …

I’m pleased to report that most were answered during our chat, and for those that weren’t Shayne kindly recorded an additional exclusive audio which is accessible to all Small Business Big Marketing Forum members. It’s gold!

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A Letter To My Listeners – February 2013

Timbo here from Australia’s #1 marketing show.

Boy is there plenty of marketing gold floating around the Small Business Big Marketing HQ at present.

Thought it was time to share it round.

Read up as I cover what works on Facebook (it’s a tad rude!), some great news from a recent guest, there’s an invite to a webinar I’m co-hosting with Andrew Griffiths, Netregistry have a 4-hour online marketing workshop coming up and plenty more.


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