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295 – Modern Family star appears in this Toronto house cleaning business’s marketing free-of-charge!

Past guest and YouTube sensation Melissa Maker of Clean My Space joins us for a well overdue update, and amongst other things, explains how she got Modern Family star Jess Tyler Fergusson (he plays gay Dad Mitchell) to appear in her marketing free-of-charge … yep … FOC.

Melissa first appeared on this show way back on episode 197. Back then she had a nice little cleaning business in Toronto, that she marketed through some very helpful how-to cleaning videos.

Well, she still has nice little cleaning business has grown into a nice little business with multiple revenue streams well beyond cleaning. If you ever wondered if being helpful in your marketing was a valuable strategy, then here’s all the proof you need.

melissa maker clean my space

197 – How creating helpful marketing can change your life, with Melissa Maker from Clean My Space

When Melissa Maker started her upscale cleaning service, Clean My Space, in 2006, little did she know that a few years down the line, she’d be the leading purveyor of online content in the cleaning niche – and making a bucket load of cash from it to boot! A woman after my own heart, Melissa understands the incredible power that content (AKA helpful) marketing can have for businesses large and small. And if you’re a sceptic, I really hope that by listening to this week’s episode, you’ll be inspired to create your own Youtube Channel, blog series, or podcast, and start becoming the most helpful person in your industry. Somebody has to be ;0) Press play!

How to use pinterest for marketing

#120 How to use Pinterest to market your business.

“Do we really need another social media channel?!” That was the premise I went in to this interview with.

“Yes we do!”, is my view following this chat … on the proviso that it’s easy to manage and provides a commercial return.

The guy who convinced me is Jason Miles – the co-author of the best-seller Pinterest Power, VP of advancement at Seattle’s Northwest University and co-founder (with is wife) of Liberty Jane Clothing – a six-figure online business successfully selling designs for doll’s clothes.

As the head marketer for Liberty Jane Clothing, Jason is successfully using Pinterest to drive traffic and rank highly on Google.

Listen in as he explains exactly how he does it.

#63 Marketing lessons from an Adult Store.

In our naughtiest episode ever, immaturity is alive and well in this episode of the Small Business Big Marketing show. Although, we must say, amongst the school-boy giggles and Benny Hill humour (all Lukeee’s doing), there is some marketing gems shared by our special guest, Anne Marie, owner of Adelaide Adult Shop, Addora Live who we spent three …

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