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299 – How To Build An Online Business Using Niche Blogging & Podcasting with Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy

This engineer quit his high paying job as an aerospace engineer at Boeing, to become a very successful Uber driver, and an even more successful blogger and podcaster.

Harry Campbell (The Rideshare Guy) talks us through not only his transition from climbing the corporate ladder at Boeing, to taking the leap into his own rideshare business, but also making some serious money through his blog and podcast.

Yep, another big epsidoe of your favourite marketing podcast.

one thing

The One Thing That Sky Rocketed My Business

I left the corporate world seven years to start a marketing consultancy.

Like the world needed another marketing consultant!

Two years in I decided I needed something that completely separated me from the pack.

A point-of-difference. A unique selling proposition.

A marketing play that positioned me as the go to guy in my industry.

So I started a …

#65 Your most pressing Marketing questions answered.

Did you know that by simply replying to any of our emails, you can send us your most pressing marketing question and we just might answer it on Australia’s #1 marketing podcast. Or you can post it on the Small Business Big Marketing Facebook. That’s exactly what James Clemenets, Paul Evans, Mark Hogan, Robin Dickinson, …

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Spotlight – An Exclusive Podcast Episode Just For Your Business

If we had to market your business we would …. This is the starting point for Spotlight… one of our most popular offers where we record an exclusive episode (podcast style) dedicated to improving the marketing of your business. No waffle, no gags (actually that’s not true), no “what’s on our mind”  segment, no guest… …

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