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282 – Boobs. Yeah, Big Boobs. They’re Why This Business Exists.

“Our business is big boobs!” That’s the opening line from the interview pitch I received from today’s guest. Maxine Windram of Brava Woman. And yes, she got my attention. And yes, the interview contains Dad jokes. But it also is busting with marketing G O L D! See what I did there ;0)

When Maxine and her mum (both full-busted women) launched Brava, a lingerie store for women D cup & up 9 years ago, they had never had a business, never worked in retail or even fitted a bra, but they knew fuller busted women needed a better deal. Today, they have three retail outlets in prominent shopping areas across Melbourne plus a bustling online store.

Yep, this episode of Australia’s best marketing podcast is busting at the seams – so let’s get stuck … right in!

Dean Salakas - The Party People - marketing success factors

280 – Australia’s largest party supply retailer shares his top 3 critical marketing success factors

It’s time to party people, ‘cause I’m speaking to the Chief Party Dude from The Party People … who sell a party supply every 9-seconds. [Insert party blower SFX ;-]

Today’s guest is Dean Salakas, owner of the third generation family business and Australia’s largest retailer of party supplies. In this fun and candid fireside chat, Dean shares:

– The pros & cons of running a family business
– What he learnt from being on Shark Tank
– His top 3 critical marketing success factors

Yep, another big episode of Australia’s best marketing podcast. Let’s go!