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Streetwear brand HoMie is changing the retail environment for the good (and forever) | #577

Hands up if you’ve walked past a young homeless person and avoided eye contact. Maybe you wanted to give them a few bucks only to realise you don’t carry notes anymore. Or maybe you wanted to stop and help them but you didn’t know how. Well, today’s guest has felt all those emotions … so much so that he was compelled to do something about it. So, he started a social enterprise with a marketing and sales bent … and he’s never looked back. It’s a heart-warming episode 577 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

AFL legend Richie Vandenberg’s wine brand aims to remove 1 billion plastic bottles from our oceans | #576

Today’s guest happens to have captained the mighty Hawks, the Aussie Rules Football team I’ve supported all of my life. And sure … there may be the odd fanboy moment during our chat. But, he’s also the founder of a disruptive wine brand that’s laser-focussed on removing one billion plastic bottles from our oceans by 2030. It’s episode-on-a-mission,o 576 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

orange sky interviews

322 – [WARNING] This episode will challenge you, but ultimately leave you feeling inspired (I hope).

Hey team. Bonus episode today, and a different kind of one at that.

No marketing gold, no business lessons (well maybe a couple), just an inspiring conversation with a couple of homeless friends of Orange Sky Laundry, and a fellow for whom volunteering has enabled him to see his work life in a whole different way.

Get ready to be inspired.

simon griffiths - who gives a crap

218 – Who Gives A Crap. Not a question, but a toilet paper that’s saving the world. Listen in for some marketing nuggets ;)

Imagine selling toilet paper online using a subscription-based pricing model. Oh, and calling it Who Gives A Crap. Oh, and sitting on a toilet for 50-hours to raise $50,000 in crowd-funding donations resulting in some permanent muscle damage. Oh yeah, and helping save the world along the way. Big ask? Damn right, it is. But my guest today is absolutely up for the challenge. Let’s do this!

how to market a not for profit

#103 How to make money and do a world of good.

In 2008 Rebecca Scott left her long-standing job as a Scientist at the CSIRO and co-founded Streat – a Melbourne-based social enterprise that sells delicious food and coffee whilst providing homeless young people with hope, self-belief and the opportunity to get qualified in hospitality. As Streat’s tagline suggests – Streat stops homelessness the delicious way.

Whether you’re looking to start a social enterprise yourself, wondering how you can integrate some social responsibility in your small business or just love an inspiring story then you’re going to love hearing what Rebecca has to share.

This is a wonderful story of how you can start a business, make some money and do the world of good along the way. Listen up!