one thing

The One Thing That Sky Rocketed My Business

I left the corporate world seven years to start a marketing consultancy.

Like the world needed another marketing consultant!

Two years in I decided I needed something that completely separated me from the pack.

A point-of-difference. A unique selling proposition.

A marketing play that positioned me as the go to guy in my industry.

So I started a …

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publicity tips - free exposure

How to get free exposure for your business.

Now what I’m about to share may fall on deaf ears.

But that’s OK, I need to get it off my chest.

It’s directed at marketing managers and business owners of businesses who use publicity in their marketing strategy. Read on …

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marketing jolts

7 marketing jolts to shock you in to action.

You know, one of my favourite quotes is:

If you think what you’ve always thought,
you’ll do what you’ve always done.
And if you do what you’ve always done,
you’ll get what you’ve always got.

It’s a stark reminder that as small business owners we need to keep challenging the status quo. To keep on pushing ourselves. To never get complacent.

Unfortunately, I still see far too many business owners stuck in a marketing rut. Rolling out the same old campaigns, trying the same old channels to market, and as a result, getting frustrated and annoyed with the whole marketing thing. Read on for my 7 marketing jolts …

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marketing speaker tim reid - comedy festival

5 Marketing Tips from the Melbourne Comedy Festival

So, I went to the Melbourne Comedy Festival this week with my two boys.

Laugh? It was hilarious. I’ve never laughed so hard in a long time.

I was also pleasantly surprised to come across some great little marketing tips.

Who would have thought?

And that’s what I want to share with you in today’s editorial.

My 5 marketing tips from the funny guys. Read on …

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saving qantas

5 Smart Marketing Ideas for Saving QANTAS.

As I write, QANTAS, the Australian Kangaroo, one of the few truly iconic Australian brands, is in the shitter.

Yesterday, their CEO Alan Joyce announced a massive loss for the quarter, 5,000 job cuts and the need to save (very quickly) a massive two billion dollars off the bottom line.

Now, I don’t profess to know anything about the running of a business of that size.

Although, I do wonder, how the hell does any business get in to such huge debt in the first place, and keep the doors open?!

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marketing tips - marketing blog

How contactable are you?

Recently I’ve been trying to get in touch with the right person at one of those big social networks.

You know, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

I won’t say which one – it’s not important to the story.

And I want to stay friends with them all ;0)

Never burn a bridge I was once told.

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When the whole font thing goes horribly wrong.

I’m no designer – I leave the making stuff look pretty business to the experts.

In fact, there are days (most) when I don’t know whether to match my sox with my shoes or pants.

There’s too much riding on the design of things.

Sheep stations in some cases.

I mean, imagine buggering up the design of a M&Ms package.

Like, that could never happen, could it? Find out here …

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business card ideas - interactive business cards

Ingenious Marketing: Interactive Business Cards

Would you call your business card exciting? Unique marketing ideas stand out among the competition, and no marketing strategy is as traditionally mundane as the art of the business card. Remember that immortalized scene in “American Psycho”? Lead character Patrick Bateman compares his plain white business card against his colleagues’ equally boring business cards. They ironically compare texture, embossment and other puzzling qualities. Read on …

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landing pages that convert

Landing pages that convert… is your site boring?

It absolutely shocks me that companies are still using paragraphs of unappealing text to explain what they do on their home pages. It seems that marketers still don’t know how long users stay on web pages and that they only have a few seconds to convince their potential customer to look around more. Otherwise their business goes elsewhere.

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how to be happy

15 Steps To Happiness …

Yeah, yeah, I know this post isn’t marketing related.

Although it would be easy to argue it is.

If you’re not happy in yourself then it will reflect in the way you grow (or don’t grow) your business.

My great mate Ben sent this to me this morning with the note:

“Good morning champion … My amazing daughter Bella sent this to me this morning. Thought you might like the inspiration today.”

It made my day, and I hope it makes yours.

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vine logo

5 Industries Using Vine for Marketing

How do you tell your brand’s story in six seconds or less? Most TV and Web ads are 15-30 seconds, which can seem like an eternity in comparison, but companies across a multitude of verticals are marketing in a brand new way: Vine.

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