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317 – Should You Sell Your Business and Follow Your Passion?

Have you ever thought to yourself… “Should I sell my business?” Do you have a dream and a bag full of excuses not to chase it? Mortgage, bills to pay? Well this week’s guest had a dream and the reality of a bricks and mortar business and he and his family decided to chase the dream anyway. Since then they’ve created a business they love and are living the dream.

Steven Bradbury

234 – Olympian Steven Bradbury on never giving up

Speed skater Steven Bradbury created history in Salt Lake City when he became the first Australian to win a Winter Olympic Gold Medal. Off the back of that, Steve has created a fantastic small business.

His remarkable and unlikely victory was achieved after a spectacular final-lap spill took out his four rivals. Bradbury threw his arms up in disbelief and smiled as he crossed the finish line.

Plus I take you behind-the-scenes of my most successful Facebook post ever. Let’s go!

blogging for beginners

5 Benefits From My 14-Day Blog Challenge (And It’s Only Day 6!)

I awoke this morning feeling a little sad.

Jack, my oldest boy, turns 18 today.

Where on earth did those years go?!

He’s also on this last term break before exams. So it’s head down and bum up.

His English teacher set him the challenge of writing one practice essay a day for the 14-days of the break.

To make it easier (and more enjoyable for him) I agreed that we’d both sit down for an hour each day and write. Jack would write an essay, I’d write a blog post.

So the 14-day blog post challenge began. And, five posts in, it’s going beautifully.

Beyond spending quality (albeit silent) time with my now mature son (!), there’s been so much upside already to blogging regularly.

Sponging it up!

Timbo – Thanks for all your great content. LOVE listening to the show. Sponging it up!, and have done since about 8 mths ago. I’m a Melbournian living in the USA for the past 10 yrs (with my darling American bride, in Maine which is far northeast where it snows like a bastard.) Now running …

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