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299 – How To Build An Online Business Using Niche Blogging & Podcasting with Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy

This engineer quit his high paying job as an aerospace engineer at Boeing, to become a very successful Uber driver, and an even more successful blogger and podcaster.

Harry Campbell (The Rideshare Guy) talks us through not only his transition from climbing the corporate ladder at Boeing, to taking the leap into his own rideshare business, but also making some serious money through his blog and podcast.

Yep, another big epsidoe of your favourite marketing podcast.

outsourcing to The Philippines tips

255 – Killer Tips For Outsourcing To The Philippines

Tired business owner? Then grab a cuppa and listen in for the next 30-minutes. David Warne is on a mission to show over-worked business owners how to take back control of their life, whilst be ing more productive and profitable. Join us for part 2 of this two-part interview in which we bust the limiting beliefs many business owners have around outsourcing to The Philippines; provide you with some killer tips to ensure your outsourcing journey is a profitable one and talk about David’s Rocking The Boat business tours.

Mark McKeon The Go Zone - How to perform at your best

232 – How to perform at your best with former AFL high performance coach, Mark McKeon

Former High Performance Coach at Collingwood Football Club, Mark McKeon, knows a thing or two about performing at your peak. So much so that he’s written the book on it. Titled ‘Get In The Go Zone’, it’s all about maximising the productive hours you have in each day to get the important things done without distraction or excuse. And who doesn’t want a bit of that!

Action Jackson - get stuff done

9 Ways To Get Stuff Done (#6 Is The Scariest)

Today I delivered my 57th keynote address for the year.

I had an audience of 150(ish) motivated business owners hungry to grow their business through some smart marketing ideas.

The particular keynote I shared went for 50-minutes – and I allowed 10-minutes for questions at the end.

Upon asking for questions, there was the usual silence, followed by the first brave individual putting up their hand.

More awkward silence as the microphone runner makes their way over.

Then comes the question.

Tim Reid marketing speaker - funny business

184 – Celebrating business milestones, switching off, business isolation and a touch of nudity.

Australia’s best-selling small business, Andrew Griffiths, joins me for another episode of Funny Business. This time we’re keeping it upbeat with the theme of celebration. Andrew shares his insights into the importance of celebrating business milestones, of being proud of everything you do in work, and of celebrating your customer relationships.

Plus, we give you some tips on how to avoid becoming isolated in business, and how to switch off from work when your phone won’t stop buzzing. So, let’s get into it! Oh, and there’s a little nudity thrown in for good measure ;0)

marketing speaker - what is a tribe

Funny Business #8 : What is a tribe and why you should build one. Plus plenty more marketing G O L D !

It’s funny business time again and a chance for Andrew Griffiths (Australia’s top small business author) to get together with me, Tim Reid (Australia’s top marketing podcaster). In this episode of Funny Business we get into a heavy discussion about tribes and how to grow a healthy one; what to do with feedback; tactic for getting through the gate keeper; a ninja tip for smashing your ‘to do’ list; and some enlightening listener comments. So much to cover … so little time!