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melissa maker of clean my space

295 – Modern Family star appears in this Toronto house cleaning business’s marketing free-of-charge!

Past guest and YouTube sensation Melissa Maker of Clean My Space joins us for a well overdue update, and amongst other things, explains how she got Modern Family star Jess Tyler Fergusson (he plays gay Dad Mitchell) to appear in her marketing free-of-charge … yep … FOC.

Melissa first appeared on this show way back on episode 197. Back then she had a nice little cleaning business in Toronto, that she marketed through some very helpful how-to cleaning videos.

Well, she still has nice little cleaning business has grown into a nice little business with multiple revenue streams well beyond cleaning. If you ever wondered if being helpful in your marketing was a valuable strategy, then here’s all the proof you need.

How to tie a tie

244 – How can I get millions of views on YouTube? Great question. Listen in as someone who’s done it explains how.

25 million views on one beautifully simple YouTube video … yet, for today’s guest, sales just aren’t what they should be. Mmmmmm, what’s goin’ on?!

Plus I take you behind the scenes of my show’s new sound bed, and share an inspiring marketing quote on the importance of being different by Coco Channel.

Let’s go!

darren finkelstein

222 – How to thrive when those around you aren’t with Darren Finkelstein AKA The Boat Guy

This guy’s a fantastic small business marketer. So fantastic I had to invite him back for a third fireside chat!

Darren Finkelstein (now AKA The Boat Guy) co-owns St.Kilda Boat Sales – a small boating business in Melbourne, Australia that’s punching way above its marketing weight. To the point that the business has doubled in the past 3-years and the brand is stronger than ever.

Listen in and discover how consistently publishing helpful marketing content to YouTube, how writing a book, how speaking from stage, how developing a media profile can all lead to massive business success.

Plus I answer a question from a listener about how to leverage awards, and I share some feedback from a State Trooper turned small business owner in Connecticut!

Let’s do this!

trackr - crowdfunding

A crowdfunding success story – like 6,816% over target success story with Trackr founder Christian Smith

How does an impoverished student come up with the capital that’s needed to create an innovative product and to market it to millions of people? For TrackR’s Christian Smith and his business partner, the solution was crowdfunding. When Christian set a modest goal of $20,000 on Indiegogo back in 2009, this goal was exceeded by well over 6,000%, raising nearly $1.4 million in capital. Found out how he did it in this week’s episode of Australia’s #1 marketing show …

helpful content

How to never run out of helpful content

I started creating truly helpful content five years ago when I launched The Small Business Big Marketing Show.

At the time, I didn’t give much though to the problem of running out of content.

Afterall, there’s was no shortage of marketing questions business owners had.

And there was no shortage of business owners using marketing to successfully grow their business.

And in fact, I still don’t give much thought to this problem.

However, and it’s a big however, many business owners considering a helpful content marketing strategy seem to have big concerns about running out of things to say.

So, if the concern is there, then let me address it.

first kiss video

180 – ‘First Kiss’ video : Behind-the-Scenes with the Creator of the World’s Most Viral Video.

The famous (or is it infamous?) “First Kiss” video has more than 69 million YouTube views at the time of recording. In this episode I speak with the video’s creator, Melissa Coker of Wren Studios. Melissa reveals how she came up with the idea for First Kiss, the importance of using an emotional connection in your marketing, and how you can use creative ideas and partnerships to make your content go viral.

video marketing

#127 Video marketing made easy with Wistia’s Chris Savage.

Chris Savage is the Co-Founder & CEO of Wistia – a smart and simple video marketing and hosting service.

His Twitter profile outlines his obsessions as: marketing, analytics, IPAs, coffee, and ping pong.

But what he’s known for is his passion for video marketing . as he says “Every business that I have seen that has invested in video, has done better for it.”

In this episode of TheSmall Business Big Marketing Show, I ask Chris why the small business owner should invest in video & how to go about creating engaging video that generates seriously strong returns for your small business.

iPhone Video Hero

#105 Create engaging marketing videos with your iPhone.

Creating great content is a no-brainer marketing strategy. And the King of content is video. And fortunately, marketing your small business using video has never been easier or cheaper. My guest today is Jules Watkins, former BBC, MTV and Pimp My Ride TV director and producer –  who’s created a fantastic training system called iPhoneVideoHero that shows you …

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