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Parker Olson unconventional marketing tactics

Unconventional & Unstoppable: Parker Olson’s Wild Marketing Tactics That Are Redefining Marketing | 663

Discover the bold and boundary-pushing marketing tactics in episode 663 of the award-winning Small Business Big Marketing podcast. Our guest, renowned for his creative strategies, has done everything from promoting his business via airplane PA systems to swimming products out to kayakers. This episode is a testament to the power and potential of unconventional marketing, offering unique insights and inspiration for businesses looking to make an impactful statement. Dive into the world of innovative marketing with us and learn how thinking outside the box can lead to extraordinary success.

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Leigh Edward Ferndale Foods

How (& why) to target small compounding growth initiatives not short-term sales with Ferndale’s Leigh Edward | 646

Ferndale Food’s second-generation owner Leigh Edward goes about running his multi-million dollar family business in a very refreshing way. He’s strong on values, considered in his approach, and avoids trying to be anything he isn’t. As a result, Ferndale are the producers of some of Australia’s biggest, privately-owned confectionery brands. It’s episode 646 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast, that wreaks of the sweet, sweet smell of success!

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Mez Jamali Wholesome Bowl

How to slowly launch a successful FMCG brand | 645

Any private individual (not company, but individual) who launches an FMCG brand instantly has my attention. Why? Because the hurdles between the idea and success are huge.  That’s why when I had the opportunity to interview a fellow who, with his own money, had launched Australia’s newest instant noodle brand, I jumped at it! It’s a flavoursome episode 645 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

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Dan Munday interview

Reality TV Veteran Dan Munday on how to generate big ideas | 644

Where the hell do good ideas come from? Why are they so hard to come by? How do you know when you’ve got a good one that will grow your business exponentially? The hunt for answers to these questions continues today with Dan Munday, a twenty year veteran of reality TV, having contributed to the success of shows including Survivor, The Apprentice and Real Housewives. It’s a big-thinking episode 644 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

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Hugh Crothers - Drip interview

Sexual Well-Being Entrepreneur Hugh Crothers Is Disrupting A Category Full Of Stigma | 643

Sexual wellbeing entrepreneur, and fourth-generation family business owner Hugh Crothers, says life is better with pleasure. Frictionless pleasure, to be exact. So, he’s on a mission to disrupt a category laden with stigma, and make it accessible to all of us who love a bit of the good old slap and tickle! It’s a well-lubed, and slightly naughty, episode 643 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

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Waze Founder Noam Bardin Has Launched a Twitter Alternative Called Post | 642

Can you imagine starting a new social media platform? The money required, the resources, not to mention the time and the risk! It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. Well, today we meet Noam Bardin, a Silicon Valley veteran and the Founder of Post.News, a new social media that’s taking Elon Musk’s Twitter head on! It’s a take-on-the-big-boys episode 642 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

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Danny Brown Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch Phenomenon: Realtor Danny Brown’s Insider Secrets on Selling this Iconic House | #640

There’s a story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. You know the rest, right?! Well, that lovely lady’s home (and her hubby’s) is now for sale, and today we hear from the Beverly Hills real estate agent, charged with selling the Brady Bunch’s house. It’s a family-friendly episode 640 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

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Butcher Dario Cecchini

If only more businesses were run like Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini’s | #638

Last month in Tuscany, Italy an eighth generation butcher by the name of Dario Cecchini totally blew my mind, for sooooo many reasons, the least of which is the incredible customer experience he and his team deliver. But trust me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a meaty, and slightly teary, episode 638 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

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Interview with Tim Denning

How writing changed Tim Denning’s business life forever | #637

Tim Denning has had some massive business lows, each time, picking himself up, dusting himself off and having another crack. He’s now one of the most prolific content writers in Australia on the topic of personal development and entrepreneurship. “How prolific?”, I hear you ask. 480,000 words a month prolific! If you’re keen to discover how writing can turn your business and mindset around then you’ve come to the right place. It’s a mind-boggling episode 637 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast. 

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Bailey Paige Zip Zap Charger

How a big night out turned into a world first product with Zip Zap’s Bailey Page | #636

Like most 20 year-olds, Bailey Paige loves a big night out. And, like most 20 year-olds, he’s on his phone all night forgetting that at some point he’s going to need an Uber to get home. But, what if you run out of charge? That can make for a long walk home! That’s exactly what happened to young Bailey, who upon waking the next morning (hangover and all), goes ahead and invents the Zip Zap Charger … the world’s first cordless mobile phone charger. It’s a fully-charged episode 636 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Podcast.

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Kim McCosker 4 Ingredients interview

How to write a book and grow your business in 2023 with best-selling author Kim McCosker | #635

Do you love the idea of self-publishing a book for your business in 2023? Then imagine this scenario. You and your biggest competitor are standing in front of a prospect. Your competitor gingerly hands over their business card.  You proudly hand over your book. No prizes for guessing who’s built instant trust? If you love the idea of having a book to promote you and your business then listen up as today’s guest has written 42 of them, and sold nine million copies. It’s a self-publishing episode 635 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

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